June 6, 2011

Sampaguita Ice Cream.

My friend Chelo twitted some days back that it's Ice Cream Week. What perfect time to have some ice cream, right? Not that I need a reason to grab some. So after a little window shopping, we went to have quick merienda at Cafe Ilustrado. CBB had dinuguan and puto, while I had miki-bihon guisado. And then, of course, we had ice cream.

Cafe Ilustrado has interesting ice cream flavors. We ordered what for me was the most interesting -- sampaguita and nilagang mani.

When people ask me how the sampaguita ice cream was, I tell them that it was like eating the real flower (not that I've tasted sampaguita flowers before). Every teaspoonful smelled like sampaguita. Quite disturbing. Haha. So I gave it to CBB because the scent/flavor was just too strong and too much for me.

CBB has a funny description of it: "It's like eating a funeral parlor." Haha. He said that the scent of sampaguita reminds him of a funeral parlor. "It's an acquired taste," he added, finding himself liking the ice cream in the end.

The nilagang mani was delicious. It tasted like cold masareal with tiny peanut bits. But unlike the masareal, this ice cream isn't very sweet. And because I love peanuts (and crazy over masareal), I love this ice cream flavor!
Cafe Ilustrado Homemade Ice Cream
Flavors: Sampaguita, Pandan, Pinipig, Nougat, Ginger, Nilagang Mani
Php 80.00/serving of two scoops

Miki-Bihon Guisado with Mini Monay. Php 165.
Beautifully-seasoned and the shrimps are fresh! Loved this!

Dinuguan with Puto. Php185.
A must-try. One of the yummiest dinuguan I've tasted.

. . . . .

Cafe Ilustrado
4/F SM Makati (beside Prestige Lounge)
Phone: +632 8186760

744 Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna)
Intramuros, Manila
Phone: +632 5273674

Met Café by Ilustrado
Metropolitan Museum of Manila
BSP complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila
Phone: +632 5273674

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  1. hmm...I think I'll prefer nilagang mani flavour too. hahaha

  2. that dinuguan is just calling my name..;-)

    and im curious about the sampaguita ice cream

    hurray, to ice cream week;-) i just saw a big advert on the newspaper that it was ice cream week and that the thames was celebrating it..so i just had to share with you..you being an ice cream lover,haha;-)

  3. you had me at sampaguita ice cream!

  4. hmmm, i don´t think i´ll like sampaguita ice cream ate if the description is like "eating a funeral parlor". makahadlok.hehehehe

  5. Batang Biyahera: Haha. The nilang mani was really good! :)

  6. Chelo: You shared the event to the right person! LOL. Thank you!

  7. Julai: Who knows? You might like the taste! LOL.

  8. Flower flavored ice cream...hmmm...weird...but I wanna try it.




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