February 12, 2012

Swatch Blog Give Away!

It's no secret that I love watches. I have a small collection of watches. But the Swatch watch remains my favorite travel watch. It is lightweight, durable, and comes in many different delicious colors.

This Swatch watch was a gift from my Switzerland-based friend Joy many years ago.
I always bring this watch with me when I travel.

One summer, I just thought that I needed a summer watch, so I got this. :D

But this is by far, my favorite swatch watch -- a UN commemorative watch from Geneva!

When I was younger, I wanted to collect Swatch watches. Operative word: wanted. Haha.
So I bought the book instead. This contains the story of Swatch, its beginnings, and growth.

And I was so happy to see my UN watch in the book! I own a collector's item!

I love the Pop Swatch! I used to own two and lost them!
I hope Swatch will come up with new Pop Swatch designs again soon!

Swatch's diver's watches are really pretty. And I want one! One day. :)

. . . . .

The Blog Give Away!

Turquoise Rebel | Large | With Day Date | Silicone bracelet

I'm giving away this Swatch Watch because there's a lot of things I'm grateful about --
- My family and friends are all safe after the recent 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Cebu.
- Featured in a travel website (one more feature coming up). The other feature is already up!
- A feature on a business site soon.
- One of my photos is going to be published in a photography magazine in the UK.
- My sister is getting married (such good news)!

- Leave a comment here by answering this question: What are you grateful about these days?
{ You can also add me on Twitter & Facebook, but that is optional. }

Yes, as simple as that! Pass around some positive vibes, share what you are grateful about!

I will be drawing the winner on Saturday, 18 February 2012. Be sure to come back. Good luck!

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  1. i'm thankful to God for giving me a wonderful family and good health. =)

  2. I'm grateful for family, and faith, and finding true love.

  3. I remember my teenage days and how everyone in my school went crazy about SWATCH watches. That time everyone was collecting POP watches. The concept was great! Mag ilis-ilis sa strap...lol Yes, I also love and collect watches. My newest bargain from Amazon is a Casio LA670WGA-1 in gold-black. The same one I used to wear when I was 15...hahaha Retro na sad! Do you remember those Casio watches with a calculator? I should try to find my old one in my parents house. It's all coming back... ;-)

    1. That's what I liked about Pop Swatches, too! I like Casio and yes, I remember the one with the calculator! It was expensive at that time! You remember Baby G? That was so sikat before, too! :) Speaking of retro, I got a vintage Mickey Mouse (automatic) watch in one of the antique stores here in Makati! It was such a good buy! Ah, the things that make us happy! :)

  4. I'm thankful for the feeling of contentment I have with my life despite not having a crazy amount of money. I realized after going through various blogs that there are still so many people who are dissatisfied despite having oodles of money. It gave me pause and the realization that having more will not make me satisfied....satisfaction should not come from what you have.=)

  5. I am thankful for the realization that really, I have everything that I need. I may not have all the things that I want but I realized that I have EVERYTHING that I need ---whether material things or a career, family, passion, people whom I love and people who love me. So often in life, I tend to focus on what I still don't have (and the next thing to buy or to achieve). But how often is it that I get to appreciate what I already have? This is such a powerful insight that when it hit me, I was instantly and deeply grateful.

  6. Hahaha! I love this, Ai! :-)

    I am so grateful that:
    1. My mother, at 72, is healthier than I am.
    2. Our business is doing well, despite the challenges along the way.
    3. I am getting healed of my spine problem every single day. (A mircale has actually happened today. There's no more pain in my left leg. Thank you so much, Lord!)
    4. I am being loved unconditionally.

  7. I am grateful for the time, talent and treasure that the Lord has blessed me and my family that we can be channels of His blessings to others. That really puts so much joy in our hearts!^_^

  8. I'm grateful for family and all the daily blessings that have come my way. :)

  9. I am thankful for the gift of life.

    Even though I have made mistakes and fell short of who I wanted to be, every day that I've woken up is another opportunity to improve myself and become a better person.

    Each day that has been given to me is gift; giving me an opportunity to show my gratitude and appreciation to the people around me and those I am close with.

  10. I am thankful that me and my family are safe. Eating thrice a day and complete! I am very thankful to God that He's always there, guiding us particularly me in most of my decisions in this life. And last but not the least, I am grateful, coz finally, pwede na ulit kami magkababy! :)

  11. I am grateful for my job. It doesn't pay much but I get a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day from it. It gives me an opportunity to give back to the world through my teaching and helping children learn and become a better person. It makes it possible for me to mean something to someone like a student, a parent, or a colleague.:)

  12. you and my bro are such big Swatch fans! :) he also uses Swatch watches when he travels and even when he goes to work everyday (leather strap). and he is also as generous as you are, he gives us Swatch watches on special occasions. my very 1st was in college :)

    i have so much to be grateful for, top 3 would be: 1) a loving family (with a brother who's having a house built for all of us) 2)caring and thoughtful friends and 3) finally being able to take this journey to good health seriously (i now exercise at least 4 times a week). :)

    grateful, too, for generous people like you. :)

  13. I am thankful for just simply spending some quality and quantity TIME with my daughter. I don't regret leaving my 9-6 job for her! :)

  14. I am grateful for...

    My mom's fast recovery after going through surgery that removed the aneurysm on her right brain.

    My wonderful kids who are my inspirations to be better everyday.

    My wife, whom I'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage this coming Valentine's day.

  15. What are you grateful about these days?

    I am so grateful for every Blessings that God has given me. And as each day pass by I learned things that can make me stronger and better and I will always thank God for that. I'm grateful for my family, friends and colleagues. And even if Valentine's Day is coming and I have no date or something... I'm still grateful because being single is an opportunity to discover who God has made us to be and what He has called us to in this life. I think people shouldn't be sad about not having someone with... Just think of the things that you should be grateful for.


  16. Each time I realize how comfy and amazing it is that I'm no longer wearing glasses or contact lenses, I feel really grateful. It used to be that I could not recognize a face at three feet without my glasses, but after my lasik procedure last year, that's already a thing of the past. :-)

  17. I lived in Cebu City for some eight years while my family lived in Samar. A year or so ago, I decided to move back to Samar. The move has made a great impact on my mental, physical and spiritual health. If there's something I am grateful for, it's having my family close: seeing my Lola every morning, looking forward to my brothers' stories when they come home, knowing I can see my mother anytime. I've been single for almost two years but I have more than enough love in my heart.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Ai. Btw, I'm a fan. ;)

  18. What are you grateful about these days?

    Gods' faithfulness, Grace, and His unconditional LOVE

    many things happening in my life both physically and emotionally nowadays, but when i pray and recognize that God is faithful, His Grace is always sufficient in my problems, and His perfect love for us that casting out all my fears and sorrows. All pain, all tears are shed away, now I'm always saying that problems are just rains, there would be Rainbow after it. And that's the promise of God to us.

    When you God, you have everything. :)
    God bless, more power.


  19. What are you grateful about these days?

    My husband and my two kids, Everyday I'm thankful that I have them.


  20. Hi maam ai,

    Well, today I just received another bad news which tries to crumple me. But after bumping into your website and answering this post of thanksgiving, I realized that I have a lot of things to be thankful for that can overshadow my worries.

    1)Though it takes my patience away, I am thankful that I still have 45 days left to wait for my job offer for my Kuwait application.
    2)Though I am a bum right now, i am thankful that my mom makes me believe that I am not. And still I get involved in some part-time opportunities.
    3)And even I am in a long distance relationship, I am thankful that we spend 2-3 hours a day to speak to each other.

    There is always a flip side on a coin..it always depends on how we perceive things. =) Thanks so much for this wonderful chance to release stress.. hehehe.

  21. I am grateful that God give me a healthy-beautiful daughter and a responsible-loving husband.

    e-mail: jendyoungadvocate@gmail.com

  22. I'm thankful that despite my daughter's genetic condition, she's still with us.


  23. I'm grateful about:

    1. for my family and all the daily blessings and provisions that have come my way.
    2. for some of my prayers are not answered immediately, because God gave me much better that what I asked for.
    3. for given a chance to be a mom (few more days of infanticipating). :)

  24. I'm grateful for 3 things: That I'm AWAKE, ALIVE & BLESSED :)Every morning I say a prayer for this 3 amazing facts that I have in my life :)

  25. I am grateful for second chances- whether it may be after having a car crash or another opportunity to pursue my studies, I am thankful for each new day and take it as another lease to lead a better life.


  26. grateful by choice because it makes things simpler. and the other route poisons every bit of good there was, and could be. until there is nothing left.

    of swatches-- ah! have i told you how i've recently unearthed an old one which i remember buying on an impulse, because i was waiting, and waiting for someone to come- and i had no idea of how much time i was losing, and how much more i could spare, by waiting and waiting like that

    for him.

    marched to a swatch store, got a new one and counted the minutes until he came.

    oh sure i waited. then, handed him the bill, got paid, then walked away.

    ah. crazy days! - E.

  27. I'm grateful because God is the center of my life.

  28. What are you grateful about these days?

    Here's a few things I'm grateful for these days:

    -the beautiful cuddling weather
    -my daughter belting out her version of “Fireworks” in the backseat of the car. She has a zest for life that's so infectious :)
    -my newfound job
    -our new, warm, leak-free house
    -good food on our table, cooked by our wonderful helper/cook
    -our health, good health of those near and dear to me
    -my husband's patience

  29. Right now I feel depressed, alone. I am unemployed. I received not so good news these past days but when I prayed I have realized that I am grateful because of lots of things. One, I am grateful because theres my family and God to be with me in this sad days. Two, I am grateful for me and my family is still alive and safe and that we will have still chances to do whatever we want to do. Three, I am grateful that God has given me challenges in order for me to be closer to Him and for me to grow. Four, I am grateful for people continue to show their support for me and promised that they will never leave my side. And five, I am grateful because I know that more blessings will still come to us. All we need to do is pray, hope and believe in HIM.


  30. i am grateful that i appreciate every single thing that i have in my life right now. i have never been happier.

  31. I am grateful of God's blessings in my life. For two years, I am desperate in looking for the perfect job (that is related to my profession) with a salary that can cover my expenses and I still haven't seen that job yet. It's heartbreaking because I can't buy things I want, etc. but the good thing about this is I still have a job that is related to my profession (nurse) even if it's only a part-time. I am glad because I don't find myself complain about the salary below minimum and the tedious job. I know that God has a perfect plan for me and I will have that perfect job in the future.

  32. I am thankful for a life that I get to live everyday for 28 years now. I am thankful for all the difficulties that life has brought me as it has made me stronger. I am thankful for a missed pill, as now I have a beautiful 5 year old girl that gives color to my world. I am thankful for a loving husband who is the love of my life, my best friend, my mentor, my swimming instructor. And I am thankful for the patience of all the people I love who keeps on watching over me, urging me to stand tall each time I fall.

  33. I don't have a watch right now. Maybe having/winning your giveaway will give another idea of being grateful about these days:-)

    I just wanna thank God for everything. I am always grateful of His greatness.

  34. I'm thankful because my family never fails to support me with my dreams and I have friends that I can count on any time of the day.

  35. Back then, all I could think of is to work hard to help my family-my goal is straight forward, now that my siblings are already working and ahead of me,
    I was given a chance to know the importance of making time for myself, re-visiting my goals, and looking forward to new ones, I was blessed with the feeling of contentment, it's something that is hard to explain - but you will now when you get there. I have been to a lot of places because I am searching for this, and now that I am home, I know that I have it with me.

  36. I am grateful for all the blessings that were given to me and these include my supportive family and friends. I am also thankful that I've becoming less jaded and I've learned to appreciate the little things around me.

  37. I'm grateful that our humble home is finally finished with the help of my loving family.

  38. I'm thankful for my wife who is carrying our baby in her womb for 7 months now is healthy.Plus I'm very thankful to you for this awesome giveaway.

  39. I'm grateful that i have such family that accepts me even with my imperfections.

  40. I'm grateful with all the blessings that I am receiving everyday :)

  41. I was not allowed to have a holiday off last New Year's day thus I was on duty while my relatives at the province were having our yearly clan reunion. That really broke my heart because it was just once a year when my parents and siblings and their families gather together. I found out that there were many cases of dengue in our province that time and my 2 siblings were affected. It was really a blessing in disguise because my family especially my kids were spared from getting that virus because of my work. My 2 siblings are ok now and these are the things I am grateful about.

  42. Grateful for the people who kick me out of my former job, they just kick me harder that I end up in a soft mattress. Got an online job with a good pay. Thanks to you. If you never did that the motto I made " Necessity breeds knowledge" is unknown to me. Never expected to know about online jobs before.Now my son is proud to call me new tech mama

  43. I am incredibly thankful for being born into a wonderful country with plenty of opportunities for those who work hard. I am thankful for my health and my family. I am thankful for the safety and security and ease of travel. There may be problems in our country right now, but things could always be worse and I don’t want to take anything for granted.

  44. I am grateful for just being alive and able to witness the beauty that's around me! :)

  45. I am grateful for simple things in my life, such as waking up every morning, eating meals 3x a day, having a decent job, being with my family, having few but REAL friends. I'm very thankful to GOD for giving me these simple but great things in life.

    Girlie Camungay

  46. I'm grateful for...

    - my grandmother, uncles and aunts who has and will always be there for me no matter what

    - my grandfather who taught me lessons and values not taught in school

    - my husband and 2 kids who always make me smile

    - all the blessings God has given my family, relatives and friends

  47. I am grateful for alot of things these days. I am grateful that i got food on the table everyday, I am grateful that my kids have a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads, I am grateful because alot of people love me and i am grateful because i wake up each and every mornng!

  48. Well I am actually grateful that I came accross with your blog and read your post! Thank you very much. It's inspiring. It’s especially perfect because I have recently been reading about gratitude and how powerful it is. I’ve been working on being grateful and I have seen the changes in my life and my outlook. Looking at things in a positive perspective. It’s incredible. You have given me a beautiful idea, I think I’m going to start making my own list. I think it reinforces that gratitude to write it out. Thank you again. I may not win your swatch giveaway but in my heart I was the winner. Thanks again.


  49. I am grateful for:

    -family- who love me unconditionally
    -for a husband who makes everyday valentines day
    -for old friendships,tried and tested by time
    -for souls i met online, who i admired initially from a distance, and became strong friendships over time...


  50. I am grateful for my family and friends who are willing to help specially through tough financial times; for my husband who gave up his job when our baby girl was 6 months old to take care of her at home while I work; for God who never ceases to shower us with blessings.

  51. I am grateful for having my family, friends and specially my boyfriend who unselfishly supports me with my studies.

  52. ..I am grateful everyday for as i grow old i have learned a lot from all the things happened in my life, i have learned to love and be loved, appreciate things as they are, stay happy and most of all trust God for He knows whats best for me. I am very grateful that He gave me a life that is worth living for..:)

  53. i am grateful for friends like you! =)

  54. I am grateful for my son who loves me so much. He is the reason why I survive everyday and why I need to live and be strong. Unconditional love.

  55. I am grateful in this world because God gave me a loveble family and a lot of friends beside me. These are my treasure that i ever had. Thank you for all inspiration and encouraging to live with dreams and how to become happy and stay who you are and what you are now!

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  57. renzovelezthe2@yahoo.comFebruary 13, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    right now. im very grateful for an blog giveaways like this.
    hehe.. More power! :)

  58. I am gratefuL t0 the Lord for He has bLessed me with a lot of bLessings! A very loving & supportive family, whom provided me with g00d educati0n, 2cute & cuddLy pet cats, a wonderfuL singing voice & reaLLy, a lot more... ^_^
    the Lord has been a very G00D PROVIDER & that makes me even more thaNkfuL...

  59. I'm grateful for my family and loved ones who are always there for me through good times and bad. I am thankful for all the blessings and challenges that made me a better and stronger person.

  60. I am always grateful for all the blessing provided by God in terms of good health for the entire family, a loving and caring husband, an intelligent boy, and over all a positive view of not loosing hope in life... no matter what of the circumstances..and good guidance of God to do all good things all the time..God bless also for this blog.. sharing goodness to everyone

  61. Im grateful to the almighty God for giving me a good friend that is always beside me and helping me in my problem thru thick and thin.

  62. I am grateful because God has allowed me to be imperfect. People always complain of not being the perfect one. They cry over mistakes. But me, I am grateful because I am not perfect--that I sin and commit mistakes. For without mistakes, no lesson will be learned. No challenges will be accepted. Improvement will not happen. When you commit mistakes, you realized you are striving for the best. Mistakes will help us grow. And I am grateful because through my mistakes and sins, I will be able to see and realized my strengths and weaknesses. I am able to see who my friends really are. God choose me to be imperfect so that I will realize that I am inferior to Him.


  63. I'm grateful for my believers because they are the one who see the goodness in you and believe in you and what you can do. And I'm grateful for my family and friends who always listen. They always sit still and listen to you with all their heart as you pour out your burdens. They can empathize with you. Friends who stand by you, who knows your quirks and weird ways, but have decided to love you anyway.

  64. i am grateful for my family who supports me no matter what; friends who keeps me sane during toxic days at work; mentors who patiently teach us what we need to know in order to help our patients; and to technology so that i am able to keep in touch with family abroad :-)

  65. I'm grateful to our Lord Almighty for giving me a Happy and Loving Family, and for giving us a good health,

  66. for being safe and healthy of my family!

  67. Nagpapasalamat ako sa diyos sa lahat ng blessings sa buong pamilya,sa kalusugan ng bawat isa sa amin lalo na sa mga magulang namin,nagpapasalamat ako sa asawa ko pagmamahal Na pinapadama nya sa akin at sa Amin ng anak namin,nagpapasalamat ako sa anak kong si Kamillah farah sa kaligayahan binibigay Nya sa akin sa araw-araw.walang kapantay....

  68. I am grateful for having FRANCIS in my life,The most lovable person I've known ♥ ♥ ♥ next to my PARENTS.

  69. I am grateful for my kids, for the good health, and for all the blessings He has showered upon us.

  70. I'm truly grateful for everything that I have and don't have in my life. I am thankful for my supportive family, understanding friends and loving boyfriend. I am happy because they love me for who I am. Aside from these, I am also grateful for not having the following in my life: diseases, vices, death and other negative vibes. I may not be rich but I am content with my life. I've asked a lot but not everything has been given and that has taught me to become a better person. I thank the Lord because after all my mistakes and deficiencies, He still showers me with blessings and a whole lot more. I may not have everything but I am happy and in love with life.

  71. i am grateful for the life the Maker has given me, for my husband, kids, parents, siblings, friends... well, everyone that have been, are, will still be a part of my life. happy heart's day! :)

  72. I'm grateful about

    -I'll be graduating this year!
    -Being a blessing to other people

  73. I am grateful for all the people (family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers) I meet daily because I learn from them one way or another.

  74. Weee, moapil ko ate, for my Mama if I´ll win.:)

    I am grateful that:

    ---- God spared the entire Visayas from further harm and danger.
    ----- my family is always in good health
    ----- my brother is already scheduled to work in the ship this March.
    ---- my 4th niece is due this March.:)
    ---- the bf is doing his very best so we can marry as soon as possible.:)
    ---- and of course grateful to know you Ate Ai and grateful for your achievements.

  75. I am thankful for my daily miracle --everytime I place my hand upon my chest, it is still beating. Praise the Lord! :D

  76. I am grateful that our Family were safe from the recent earthquake here in Cebu. God is really Great!(champignon_10@yahoo.com)

  77. I am grateful for the countless blessings God has been giving me. Here are some of the most recent ones material blessings He's allowed me to have:

    -The poem I submitted to the annual competition held by the world's biggest publisher of new poetry was chosen to be published in their anthology (it's already published now!). This allowed me to show the world that the Filipino is not only good at performing; he's also good at creative writing. I felt like I have (silently) waved the Philippine flag.

    -I got hired by an elite writing company based in Canada, and by Aol.com as a writer. This allowed me to reach more people in the world through my writing.

    -I starred in a musicale production and my directors were established musical theater actors. One of them is even an actor for an international TV series.

    -I will be singing for the Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines next week. Once more, a chance for me to share a piece of my heart to the audience and make them happy.

    -I have successfully written a novel in 30 days despite the workload brought about by school requirements. This allowed me to push my limits a little further and it improved me as a person.

    But more importantly, I do not have the best words that would encapsulate how extremely thankful I am to God to the non-material gifts He continues to send me. And here are just a few of them:

    -I established new friendships and further solidified my existing ones

    -I became a lot closer to my parents and to my sister

    -The talents He has endowed me and the opportunities to share them with others and make a mark in them He keeps on giving me

    -His overflowing compassion and generosity

    -The assurance that I am one of His beloved daughters

    -The ability to love different kinds of people

    -The ability to stand back up after falling and the courage to face the challenges life presents me

    -The drive to keep on moving forward

    -The lessons from the past He allowed me to learn

    Those aforementioned material blessings will perish in no time but the millions of non-material graces He showers(storms, even) over me are those that have been helping me in my sojourn here on earth as a pilgrim.

    To God be all the glory!

  78. I can name thousands of different things God has been giving me but I shall state the one that counts the most:

    He has never given up on me no matter how stubborn and undeserving I am of His love. And I know that He never will.

    And that is what I am most grateful for to God.

  79. I am grateful that God gave me the skills to teach preschool students.

    Twitter: @quiam

  80. I am grateful for many things, one of these is that I will graduate soon from college, but above all, I’m most grateful for my family. They are the reason why I am trying to be the best that I can be.

    *liked Aileen Siroy Photography on Facebook
    *followed @aileensiroy on Twitter


  81. I am very grateful that I finally got a job. I graduated from college just last october, 2011 and since then, I've started applying for a job. On the process, it is really frustrating to hear this statement: "Thank you for applying, we'll just call you na lang..." but I learned not to expect and got used in to it. And after almost three months, surpassing the series of examinations and interviews, I got a job offer finally. It's been my second week on my job, and still on the phase of adjustments. Before, I did not really thought that it will be really hard looking for a job considering that I have the skills and guts, and also having a degree will make my job hunting be easy. But in reality, there are others who are better and even smarter than you. And it is the most reason why I am really grateful of what I have now. I just got my first salary yesterday, and it really feels different when the amount of what you've earned is in your hands. It is not that bigger than I've dreamt before but it is really worth aspiring for to persevere more!

  82. I am grateful that...

    1. I've been happily married for almost 14 yrs already.
    2. i have a good relationship with my in-laws.
    3. and most of all i have life to celebrate all those wonderful things around me.

  83. I am so grateful that God gave me everyday blessings to wake up and face every challenges that are coming. Recently it was much more meaningful for me due to a surprise wedding proposal that my fiance brought me at the lakefront. For the past 6 years that we've been through, help our families and relatives, other people and charities, our wedding was one of the most awaited ocassion for the both of us and yes we can finally answer people's question, when will you get married?

    God really gave us the right time to grant our dreams. Just believe in him when it will be granted.

  84. What I'm grateful about these days is the realization that being single doesn't mean being depressed and alone. There are a lot things to be learned and explore, places to visit and a positive outlook that maybe God is letting me enjoy these now because He has bigger surprises for me^_^.


  85. I am grateful:

    1. That the Lord has given me a loving and supportive family.
    2. That my daughter with Angelman Syndrome is healthy and with the cure found and currently testing. She has a chance to be cured.
    3. My Job, even though our salary is delayed for one month, at least I have a job.
    4. whatever was given to me.

  86. I am grateful for all the wonderful things that has been happening in my life. I was able to graduate last October despite being pregnant and now, I am about to enter my post graduate studies. I am thankful for having everything that I need in my life. Most especially, I am grateful for having a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful family! Thank you Lord! :D


  87. I'm very much grateful that i am still alive, that i have a loving family and friends and i know that our dear saviour, Jesus Christ loves me :)


  88. Im grateful of ALL the things (i couldn't express this more)that has happened in my life! Essentially all of them! I don't like to choose which moment i was more grateful for (coz this means other moments are not) because i definitely think that essentially ALL of the moments in my life should be considered great things. All of my experiences (as well as yours) are the reasons why i am like this today (as well as how you are now). So, we should consider every single thing of our life to be grateful for and we should not say that a single moment of our life is pointless or that we should not be thankful for. that's it. GodBless. xoxo :)

  89. What I am grateful about these days are:
    - Having a very caring family and good set of friends
    - Making my 2012 the best year yet! :)
    - Being loved
    - Good health
    - finally made my own blog (http://yaniconquistadora.blogspot.com/)
    - EVERYTHING! ^_^

  90. What I am grateful about these days...simple...Sunshine On My Shoulders!!And boy does it feel good.Looking at it..It almost blinds me and can be a tad annoying but I love it. These are the best days of my life.It reminds me to stay strong and centered about what I want to believe...The real work? Getting the energy I want to exude into my heart every day. Making the effort to know what fills me up, and then committing to do those things every single day.

  91. I am grateful for each day God lends me this gift called "life" :)

  92. I am truly grateful about the fact that despite without having a boyfriend, I never really feel lonely and deprived especially on Valentine's Day.

    I'm also grateful that despite almost all my salary goes to my monthly amortizations, I thank God that I still get to eat my daily meals.

    I'm so grateful for my mom, though being half-body paralyzed in a wheelchair (following her stroke), is still the best mother for me because she's so loving and caring.

  93. I'm thankful...
    ..for loving someone to the point of becoming a better person..
    ..for being able to get up everyday and work in a company that I believe in..
    ..for being able to taste food, hear music and see my family..


  94. Aww, I missed on this one! Will look forward to more blog give-aways from you, Ms. Aileen!

  95. So who got the watch?

    1. So, you are not really reading this blog. :P

      Here's the link: http://www.travelfoodfinds.com/2012/02/blog-give-away-winner.html

    2. thanks i saw it...hehehe i wasn't looking at the archives. i had your blog bookmarked in my pc when i saw the FB post from my friend chichi A. about this swatch i was really excited. coz i love swatch though i can't afford to buy many (more than 1) i am until now wearing my one only swatch silver butterfly engraved for 8 years na. thanks for sharing your swatches... i enjoyed reading your blog too especially the food, i am looking forward in eating one here near our place in Cebu. thanks again. :) Nene Cubin (champignon_10@yahoo.com)

  96. Hi Nene! Thank you! :D I know, you just missed the entry. I was just teasing. :) It happens a lot to me, too -- missing other people's entries. :)

    It's wonderful you are still wearing your swatch. I like old watches that's why I take care of my watches, too. :)




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